A March for Science

Today people from cities all over the country and around the world marched for science. You might think this may politicize the issue of evidence-based knowledge, rendering science partisan and spiraling the denizens of this planet into a further epistemological crisis. Or, you might conclude that science saved some us from excessive pollution, even though discoveries as a result of it caused said pollution in the first place. Regardless of your thoughts, science can be a completely intangible thing to many people. You may support science superficially. But, it need never be a matter of faith. Telling someone to “trust” in science is dangerous in my mind. The difference between science and religion is that in the former, no matter who you are, you can work hard and ultimately verify the claims made by it. In the latter, you cannot. With the manifold complexity of modern-day science, this can be difficult to accept. Though, with trust, we can get people to consider that what a few experts find probable is in fact possible for them to comprehend. And in turn, even with a skeptical mind, accept as probable themselves. It’s not a panacea for curing the various shades of science denial, but it’s an important point to make.

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