Graduate School / Bilingualism

Well, it’s that time. I’m going to grad school soon to start my PhD in Statistics at the lovely Purdue University, along the banks of the Wabash. Clearly I’ve done stuff in the past few months and my lack of blog posts is a bad indicator of my interstitial life experiences. I finished my job at UnitedHealthcare, went to Paris and Amsterdam, worked grading standardized tests of the stellar Louisiana education system and started an internship at MatrixCare — a company that provides software to make life easier for long-term care providers. My experience at MatrixCare has been great and I’ve learned a ton about data science in a real world environment. It’s been great.

To sign off, I’ll give a visualization that I produced while I was practicing the vcd library in R and messing around with the fascinating GSS Data Explorer.

Association Between Bilingualism and Life Outlook Over Time

It’s a faceted mosaic plot showing the association between bilingualism and life outlook, with separate panels for the biennia between 2006-2014. It’s fairly interesting to see how bilinguals are more highly allocated into exciting outlooks and less allocated in the routine/dull category with the trend reversed for non-bilinguals. For one, my life would be less interesting had I not heard of De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig or Downistie, a couple of Dutch classics. Speaking of which, follow me on if you’re on there. I’ll get the code up eventually.